is a new innovation in internet arena also it is a basic invention to information technology. Here we discuss some terms & conditions for our free users and account holders as below.

Terms & Conditions for free users (Non account

· Find your information with our mentioned categories.

· You have no need any account to find any information or purchase any products from our site.

· Put a mobile no, e-mail, organization & professionals name to search any specific data in global search box also you can contact with any organization or profession by their contact box.

· Use location search box, to find any specific desire organization or profession by any specific area.

· Shipping cost 50 BDT is included for online shopping at same local area, for long distance merchant can be increase or decrease it.

· Now every shopping order will be transaction by cash on delivery.

· Only merchant will be liable to deliver any goods. There is no connection with, here use as a platform do not sell any product or service directly.

· Make encourage to merchant give a review if you satisfied on any product or service. 

Terms & Conditions for Merchant (Account Holders)

· You can create an account to this site by a valid mobile no or email address.

· Every account holder will be treated as an individual merchant in

· You should have to complete an account, to adjust with our mentioned categories.

· You have to take your own account operating responsibilities, because your account access is in your hand.

· After complete an account you have got an attractive dashboard where you see more useful features.

· If you sell any product, you need product module or if you provide any service, you need service module. Also if you provide product and service together in that case you have need both module.

· You can upload a certain limit of product & service image with details in our site, which is completely free.

· After complete your product & service image uploading limitation, you have to need become a prime ID for access unlimited product & service facilities.

· Before uploading a product or service image, you should have to create few category name according to your products and services.

· You should have to buy SMS for continuous e-commerce facility, which will be deducted from your account to verify your order confirmation.

· Two SMS will be deducted from your account for every single order. Which one get customer for order confirmation and another get you for order notification.

· Every single SMS price is 0.50 BDT, at a time you have to buy at least 20 SMS.

· Every prime ID valid for 30 days from creation date. Which value is 500 BDT

· After complete 30 days (Prime IDs Validation time) if you don’t renew again it will be general ID automatically and you're extended product & service will be inactive apparently.

· All responsibilities should be taken by merchant after getting an order. Each and every order will be completed between customer and merchant. Here, is not involved in any ways.

· Currently, offers only cash on delivery facility for product supply.

· We are offering shipping cost 50 BDT at the same local area, for long distance, merchant can increase or decrees to discuss with customer.