provide many kind of service to their users. Few service you can get without account and other service you can get after create an account.

Services without account:

Without account you can visit our whole site, see all data and their contact information’s. You can purchase any product form any merchant from anywhere also you can contact with every merchant directly.

Services with account:

When you create an account, you will get a lot of service by a dashboard.

Order list: For continuous e-commerce facility you will get online order and notification facility.

Inbox: If anybody want to contact with you then you will got their message in your inbox.

Sent Message: You can send message reply to your senders.

Basic Info: You can update basic information of your organization or profession. 

Product Module:

Product module is very important part of e-commerce. Here you can upload product image product details, product wise category name, product offer, offer package, product stock & product review also you can manage above features by update edit & delete accordingly.

Service Module:

Service module is another essential part of this site. Here you can upload service images and all activities like product module, without buy and sell.

ID Enrichment: 

Here you can regulate offer & circular, become prime ID, buy SMS, SMS balance & all features to your account regulating facilities.

Revenue facts:

Revenue facts is very exciting features in, where you can generate revenue to work as a TNR (Too needs representative)

How to generate Revenue: At first you have to create an own ID in Then you have to tell any organization or a professionals to create an account in When he complete his account then you should put your ID no in his insert Ref. ID box. Now click check box & press Insert ID button. At that moment you are eligible to generate revenue. When he make his ID as a prime then you will receive monthly commission at 8% regularly.